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Our STEAMMers' Universal NetworkS

K-6th General STEAMM Tutorings/Play-Workshops[email protected]/1-224-256-1788

"Learners, Doers & Innovators of : Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Math. Medicine."


Our SUNS' Founder Our SUNS' Founder As Our SUNS' Founder, Jubilee has a strong desire and passion in nurturing and educating children as a whole person to be productive citizens and innovative leaders living fruitful lives. Immersed and surrounded with plethora of self-less-endearing love and magnanimous TLCs since childhood, it is Jubilee's aspiration and commitment to continue to build and expand on this priceless reservoir with each one child she comes in contact with. Jubilee had dream careers of being a neuroscientist, a pediatrician, an interior/fashion designer, an architect, a chef, or an ambassador's wife while growing up. Through much encouragements and guidance from her loved ones, she pursued after a career that combined the two fascinating worlds of the human brains and the well-being of children--an educator. 196055673 Our SUNS' Founder Photo 2 Our SUNS is an unprecedented breakthrough from the traditional teachings for Jubilee and her personal networks to achieve and accomplish the ultimate goal and mission of Our STEAMMers' Universal Networks: Through the collaboration and networks with families and professionals, we will value, cultivate, nurture, cherish, and develop each individual child as a whole person who will be noble, well-rounded, healthy and happy STEAMMers now, hence who will be productive local/global citizens and innovative leaders in the future. Us together, heart-to-heart and hand-in-hand, building a better today and many brighter tomorrows. 196152332 Our SUNS' Founder Photo 3 *EDUCATION* ~Admittance to John Hopkins Mind, Brain and Teaching Program ~M.A. of STEM ~M.A. in Curriculum Instruction Evaluation/Leadership ~B.A. Elementary Ed. ~A.A.S. Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management/Baking and Pastry ~Endorsements: ~Medical Neuroscience, Duke University ~General Science, Language Arts, Biology, Math and Talented & Gifted *EXPERIENCES* ~PK-8th Integrated Science Lab Teacher, Galileo Academy of Math & Science, Chicago ~K-5th STEAM Teacher, Crystal Lake ~6th-8th Science Lab Assistant Teacher, Lake Forest ~7th Integrated Math Teacher, Waukegan ~K-8 STEAM Camp Facilitator, College of Lake County ~K-8 STEAM Workshop Conductor, Fremont Public Library ~Volunteer Teacher Coordinator at Museum of Science & Industry ~Volunteer Guide for American Association for the Advancement of Science ~Volunteer Coordinator Fremont STEAM TEAMS, Mundelein HOBBIES* ~Being w/ people, especially children :D ~Creating ~Exploring ~Innovating ~Traveling 196152333