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Our STEAMMers' Universal NetworkS

K-6th General STEAMM Tutorings/Play-Workshops[email protected]/1-224-256-1788

"Learners, Doers & Innovators of : Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Math. Medicine."


~Professional Testimonials~

“Jubilee…Of all the student teachers I have observed, none has created such an outstanding environment so early in their teaching career….She always did more than was required, making her loved and respected by both her children and her cooperating teacher…

I highly recommend her.”

-Leah D. Miller, Educational Supervisor at University of Illinois at Chicago

“...Ms. Chang brought an air of freshness and joy to the classroom. The children loved her. She respected them and took a personal interest in each one-looking for ways to excite, motivate, or merely interact with each one….She really listened to them. After only three weeks, Ms. Chang had established a close tie with the entire class. She did this in a very quiet, charming, and yet powerful manner. Works well alone and as a team member. She was attentive to my guidance, and at the same time she sought out ways to exercise her own intellectual curiosity. This curiosity and enthusiasm for learning rubbed off on the children…I recommend her to you with great confidence.”

-Marcia Nueske, Supervising Teacher at Marconi Community Academy

“...She is gentle, loving, interesting and effective…concern for the students… worked well with the entire faculty. She is cooperative, professional, and extremely well-liked…My class and I will both miss her.”

-Mary Empfield, Supervising Teacher at Andrew Jackson Language Academy

“You will be an outstanding doctor, Jubilee. But why don’t you go out there and produce some excellent doctors?”

~Professor Aimee Strawn,

Head of College of Education at University of Illinois at Chicago

“Mrs. Jubilee Chang…an outstanding teacher. She is a dedicated, committed and caring teacher who sets high standards for her students. She is a team player who is not afraid to take on added responsibility. She would be an asset to any school in which she would be selected….”

-Principal Alfonso Valtierra

Galileo Scholastic Academy of Mathematics and Science, Chicago, Illinois

”Mrs. Chang is a hard working, dedicated teacher…a consummate professional in her field, and she has earned the respect of her colleagues and the administration.”

-Assistant Principal Blanca Miarka,

Galileo Scholastic Academy of Mathematics and Science, Chicago, Illinois

“Mrs. Chang through her passion for science took it upon herself as a parent volunteer to initiate a comprehensive after school science club…provided an abundant of hands-on science experiments that captivated and engaged students in scientific reasoning and thinking skills…received numerous commendations from students, parents, and teachers for her dedication and work…the Fremont Board of Education recognized her outstanding work.”

~Dr. Jill Gildea, Superintendent at Fremont District 79

"You have great vision for great things..."

~Principal Jose Lara

“…She has influenced students and staff in gaining a higher respect and expectation for learning…my students have benefited greatly…test scores have steadily increased along with their social development and eagerness for learning…Jubilee’s sacrifices for our students’ success are truly unparalleled.”

~Eugene Edwards, STARS Lead Coordinator

“Ms. Chang has been highly effective to implement current instructional techniques, create cross-curricular projects…meet Common Core Standards to meeting the needs of a very diverse and challenging student populations. She demonstrated the characteristics of a caring and enthusiastic teacher, often going above and beyond for her students and her fellow colleagues with all types of personalities and backgrounds. She is that light in the corner of our school.”

~Carol Gimondo, Administrator/S.T.E.P.S.

"Thank you so much for brightening up our building with your wonderfully bright spirit."

~ Jason Black, MJMS Dean

"Every time I went into her class, I was always amazed at all the different concepts displayed in various formats throughout the room. She was the first person to share…I have never met such a warm and caring person to the students and staff…”

~Carol Hausmann, M.Ed, MSW, MFA

“Ms. Chang has a passion for teaching and for reaching students that is unique and special. She puts time and energy to make learning fun, and in creating a learning atmosphere in which all students can thrive…extremely creative and fresh in her approach to education. She is the consummate team player. She goes above and beyond to assist colleagues in any and all areas. She is a caring, compassionate individual who is there for anyone who needs her.”

~Sandra Rosenberg, 7th Team Leader

“During the two years at Miguel Juarez, I have observed Jubilee to continuously go above and beyond the call of duty. The bond she formed with students was a major contributing factor in the students’ success throughout the year…”

~Susan Rouse, Librarian Assistant

“I have never seen her be anything but kind, giving, appropriate, reachable, positive, and someone to emulate…in her presence, there is a special aura-

a warm, welcoming feeling…”

~Marlene Putterman, Inclusion/Resource Teacher

“Jubilee, a character, an individual, sweet, caring, responsible…loved and respected by all students, parents and faculty…” 

 ~Margret Kagan, Reading Teacher

"She is a delight to work with! She is so helpful, creative and a terrific teacher... beautiful ..."

~Jane Ritter, Nurse

“She has lifted up the morality in this school.”

~Bonnie Norniella, Communication Teacher, Miguel Juarez Middle School

“I am in awe of her classroom…the way she makes her teaching interesting…she cares for her students. It shows in their enthusiasm…It has truly been wonderful being able to serve her.”

~P. McClinton, School P.M. Custodian

"I walk into Mrs. Chang's classroom, I get this feeling of 'Wow!' because it's different from all other classrooms...I want to be here everyday because there is something to learn." 

~Ed Thomas, School Custodian

"For the past 16 years I have worked as the school custodian, your room is the best I have ever seen..."

~John Sjolblad, School P.M. Custodian, MJMS

"You are the biggest role model in this building. No one is like you. You were the most natural person. You made a huge difference with these kids and showed them the respects of learning..."

~Maricela Narvaez, School Security, MJMS

"As the school's security guard, I've had numerous opportunities over the last twenty years to observe many teachers' methods, styles, and personalities...Jubilee Chang's love, compassion and dedication and willingness to do more than required for each child and parent are most certainly without question. She has brought light to this dark school."

~Judy Pitts, Retired School Security Guard at Miguel Juarez Middle School

"Your classroom is very engaging...Haven of happiness, a focus room...You're doing some wonderful things with the students…an extraordinary, effective and an outstanding educator"

~Ellen Greenman, OTA Mentor Coordinator

“Jubilee… in my Horticulture Class…very attentive and studious…serious…she has produced excellent quality work…very goal oriented…She has a creative mind …exploring and delving into details. She is certainly a very enthusiastic and quite a pleasant individual…Lastly, but not least, she has a very charming presence in the classroom.”

~ Chet Ryndak, Horticulture Professor,

Superintendent of Conservation, Cook County Forest Preserve District (Retired)

"Your classroom setup is the most exciting class I have ever seen. Your organization and hands-on activities are amazing. Your kids are lucky to have your dedication and desire."

~Matthew Foster, District Math Coordinator

"It is such a rare experience to see a shooting star with your own eyes and when you are fortunate enough to look up at the night sky at that perfect moment, a feeling of inspiration and hope overcomes you. You wish for something better upon that trail of light and your life is changed forever. As rare as a shooting star, it is not everyday that one can experience powerful pedagogy, instruction and morals such as those seen within Mrs. Chang. And even more impactful than her instructional excellence is the feeling of inspiration and hope that she instills in others. She makes you wish for something better and your life will be changed forever upon colliding with this shooting star.”

-Diana Sarlitto, External RtI Coach

~STEAMMers' Testimonials~

"To the one who shines on my face."

~Alex Rodriguez

"You are the reason why I love to learn.

You are the best teacher I ever had."

~Chris Rivera

"You are the best teacher in the world...

when I see you, you brighten up my day...

I hope to stay in contact with you,

so you can see me succeed."

~Ketzia Diaz

“You treated us like if we were your own children and we feel so loved…

You’ve really changed me. Thank you! ”

~Gisele Corona

"She helps me to not give up in school...and extend me beyond the walls to think deeply…

She took her time to help me practice and understand the work."

~Jennefer Guerrero

“She helped me by not giving up on me and being by my side all the time…She wants us to be beautiful from the inside out…She is the best and cares about us…”

~Rebecca Dominguez

“You made us happy and taught us to be more lady-like…

I noticed that I began to think

above and beyond…”

~Cecilia Galindo

“I have learned that math is fun, helpful and practical…You are the only best teacher I have. I will never forget you.”

~Brian Abarca

“She gave us opportunities to

be the unique 'mes'…”

~Jasmyn Mojarro

"You challenged me to work hard... ways to solve problems and that is practical "

~Jose Murillo

"Mrs. Chang, I would like to thank you for always believing in me and helping me to succeed."

~Alyssa Rodriguez

“She prepares us for our life goals…”

~Santiago Hernandez

"You have taught me

to stand up for what is right."

~Alicia Torres

"She always kept faith in us

and never gave up."

-Darinel Gallardo

"I'm not the best student, but she puts up with it ...and I feel I am building."

~Marilyn Calderon

“Mrs. Chang cares not only for tests,

but our cores and feelings too…”

~Olivia Petruska

“I know you have done the best for us..."

~Raldofo Serrano

"She always does her best and

takes care of us."

~Rosemarie Rivas

“Thank you for not giving up on me…

You made a difference in my life.

I loved the activities we would do in class.”

~Monse Sanchez

“She has a lot of confidence in us

for our future.”

~Sandra Garcia

“She has taught me to listen to what your heart has to say… She kept pushing me and never stopped believing in my dream and motivated me to keep moving to it…”

~Nathalie Guzman

“I have learned how to open myself up to new things, challenging things, and

I learned how to never give up…

You’re the best teach​er I’ve ever had…”

~Sylanne Williams

“She inspired us…”~Andy Chavez

“I learned math is used in everyday life and can be fun…

I now believe in myself more than I did before because of you…”

~Vanessa Martinez

“She is always energetic and that wakes me up…I have learned to focus in school better…I have also learned what to look forward to when I go to the real world…”

~Emily Collins

“She helped me to be a good problem solver. There are so many ways to solve math and math is everywhere.”

~Angeles Millan

“She always told me to be the best...problem solving, finding new solutions, and how to compare that to real life…”

~Diego Henao

“As I got to know her better,

she was positive about everything and made my attitude improve more because of that…”

~Amy Aldana

“I learned how math is involved with science, technology, engineering, and art and how it’s gonna help us in our life later on… She does anything to help us to get better at something and makes us work super hard.

She has taught me to

go above and beyond…”

~Yaritza Vasquez

”Before you came into my life, I never wanted to go to college…You have inspired me now to go to college and even becoming a nurse…”

~Claudia Santiago

“She cares about us…shows us a lot of ways of how to learn and have fun at the same time…I can be myself. I can be free.                   She is the first person that makes me feel that way…She is kind and understands when we need help for our goals and our feelings.

She will be there for us and

we will be there for her too…I love you too,

Mrs. Chang. You will be in my heart forever…”

~Yatzary Cuellar

“Dear Mrs. Chang, thank you for being a wonderful and amazing teacher. Not only did you teach me math, you also taught me the ways of life. You taught me to stand up for something I believe in. Not many teachers do that. Your students will thank you in the future for what you are doing. You care more about us than your job. You want us to be happy and successful. You care more about our CORES than the SCORES.”

~Martin Zavala

“You were one of the bestest teachers in the entire world…You are one of the greatest inspiration in my life. You have had a great impact in my life.”

~Tamara Sanchez

“I love you, Mrs. Chang.”

~Estafany Arroyo

"I don't want you to leave because you are the best math teacher I ever had!

You are a loving, caring, motivating and unique teacher.

I love you, Mrs. Chang and I will always remember you..."

~Jasmine Rice

"You have not only changed my life but you have changed so many lives too. And over the years when I get older, I will always remember you.

In my darkest hours, I will think of you."

~Henry Knoll