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Our STEAMMers' Universal NetworkS

K-6th General STEAMM Tutorings/Play-Workshops[email protected]/1-224-256-1788

"Learners, Doers & Innovators of : Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Math. Medicine."

The core: ~Vision~ Our SUNS is a K-8th 1:1 general


Our SUNS is a K-8th 1:1 general tutoring service with creative and innovative hearts-in and hands-on play/workshops. 

Our SUNS' vision is to enhance and expand children's learning scopes beyond traditional schooling by nurturing and educating each and every child at their personal levels as a whole child from the core. The work is done through the personal and professional networking and implementing research based teaching/learning practices to develop each child to be life-long STEAMM learners, doers and innovators both locally and globally.


Our SUNS' mission is to value, nurture, inspire, and develop each individual child as a whole child who will be noble, well-rounded, healthy and happy STEAMMers who are productive local/global citizens and innovative leaders.    

~Core Practices~








*Be Beautiful from the Inside Out.

~Areas of Focus~

*K-8th age STEAMMers

*Integration and applications of STEAMM

*Personal and Professional Networkings

~Action Plans~

*Whole Child Pedagogy

"Learning by head, hand and heart."

~Johann H.Pestalozzi~

*Visible-Teaching, Visible-Learning

"When teachers see

the learning through the eyes

of the students

and the students see

themselves as their own teachers."

~John Hattie~

:Presentation slides - John Hattie - Visible Learning ...

: VISIBLE LEARNING | Information About What Works Best ...

*~~~Most Effective

Researched Based





*Our STEAMMers' Brains



Wondrous Beauties*

*"The All-About Me!"


Holistic Education*

Click to WATCH & GROW


Global Educational


*Best Practices*

~Balanced Curriculum~

:Educates the whole child (BEP)

:Based on best knowledge of how children develop and learn (NASBE)

:Promotes brain growth and development through an enriched environment (Diamond & Hopson)

:Allows students to use the whole brain (Zull)

:Prepares students for success in school and in life (NCLB/NCDPI)

:Develop new, necessary skills and abilities to be successful in school and in life (CCSSO)

:Multiple intelligences (Gardner)

:Find relevance in and connections with learning (Jensen)

:Develop a love of learning and become life-long learners

:Understand themselves and those around them

:Includes all subjects (NCLRC)

:Provides a curriculum that is rigorous, relevant and promotes relationships (NCSBE)

:Includes a challenging and common curriculum (CCSSO)

:Creates active participants (Diamond & Hopson)

:Globalization (21st Century Skills)

:Includes entire Standard Course of Study (SCS)

the balanced curriculum - Public Schools of North Carolina

*Integrated Curriculum*

*Differentiated Curriculum*

:Applications, Reliability and Validity of the Index of Learning Styles

:Are Learning Styles Invalid? (Hint: No!) -

:Provides opportunities for individual acceleration and remediation

:Nurtures self-esteem and respect

:Set individual learning goals

:Develop personal skills and talents

:Increases motivation through exploring individual interests

:Utilize their strengths and background knowledge

:Master core concepts

:Builds relationships with students



:5 C STEAMM Goals (Our SUNS):


->Constructive learning




:5 E Teaching, Learning, and Assessing Cycle






-> The BSCS 5E Instructional Model

-> NASA - 5Es Overview: “The 5E instructional model”

*STEAMM Resources*

When You Wish Upon a Star

London Symphony Orchestra (Pop Symphony Vol. 3)